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The Battle of Goliad
(or The Battle of Coleto Creek)

On March 12, 1836, James Fannin, (the commander), sent most of his men to help Texans near Refugio. On March 14, he got Sam Houston's orders to retreat to Victoria, but decided to wait until some of his troops got back. He didn't leave until he learned of their capture. On March 19, he started to retreat, but it was too late. He and his men made a protective square and fought till they were forced to surrender. He and his men were executed on March 27, 1836.

The Seige of Bexar

The siege of Bexar, (San Antonio),  from October until  December, 1835.  an army of Texans  laid siege to a Mexican army in San Antonio de Béxar. Mexican Genral Martín Perfecto de Cos fortified the town plazas and the Alamo mission. After many fights and shirmishes, Genral Cos asked for surrender terms on December 9. The Texans allowed the men to go home, and San Antonio was under their control.

The Battle of the Alamo

On Febuary 23, 1836 the Mexican army under Santa Anna began the seige of the Alamo. Battle went for a total 13 days. The Texans had been fighting strong ,but they were running out of supplies. The Mexicans were going to wait for the Texans to run out of food but Santa Anna decided to attack. On March 6, 1836 the Mexicans attacked and quickly overtook the Alamo. They killed every man alive when they entered for a total of about 180 men.

The Battle of Gonzales

The battle was the first of the Texas revolution. Military commander named Domingo de Ugartechea in Texas, received word that the American colonists of Gonzales refused to surrender a small cannon that had been given that settlement in 1831 as a defense against the Indians. Domingo dispatched Francisco de Castañeda and 100 dragoons to retrieve it. This has caused the making of the Texas revolution. The Texans taunt  the Mexicans with the flag that they have made.

The Battle of San Jacinto

     On April 21, 1836, The Battle of San Jacinto began. Sam Houston ordered Erastus (Deaf) Smith to destroy Vi nce's Bridge. The destruction prevented the Texans or the Mexicans from retreating. Houston formed up his men at 3;30 PM while the Mexicans were having their afternoon siesta. With shouts of "Remember the Alamo!", and "Remember Goliad!", the Texans sprang foward. The battle lasted 18 minutes.   The results to the battle were 630 Mexicans were killed and 730 were captured. Texas results were 9 killed and 30 injured. On the 22nd serch parties were sent out to find Mexicans. One party found Santa Ana hiding. This was the last battle of the revolution, and the decisive one that led to their independance too.